“I would like to open this book the way I open the door of my studio to you,” Georgette Schneer, August 31st, 1916 to February 24th, 2013

She sits in her studio
on the right edge of the dance floor
the light streaming in from her left.

“Have you

“Very slowly,

“Where the sun

She lies in the nursing home
in the afternoon light.

“Yum! Yum! Kiss! Kiss!


The evening before the day she died,
her feet to my left,
her face to my right,
she is still.

The photograph of her, at age twelve,
facing the viewer,
dancing in the light,
in a field,

arms curving and reaching up
to the viewer’s left,
to the sky,

left leg stretched straight
to the viewer’s right,
to the grassy ground,

head dropped horizontal
towards the viewer’s right.