August 8, 2017

We call “cultivated”
the potted orchid
on the dining room table

and “feral”
the tabby lying
on the sidewalk.

The first we value
make fruitful
and multiply.

The second we don’t
and spay
and kill.

The “tame”
dogs bark
and howl

but the same dogs
when they bite we call “wild”
and kill.

We call ourselves “civilized”
“clean,” “healthy”
and “good”

with the rights
to be fruitful and multiply
and kill.

We call “them” “not” and “un-
civilized,” “clean,” and “healthy”
“a waste”

and when they lie on sidewalks
howl and “bite the hand that feeds”
and does not feed “them”

we kill them.