Lineages 4

Buber begins with between.
It brings back the blues in the heart of the we,
It brings back the you in the heart of the me,
It brings back the grieving ever so green.

I’m with you once more under the tree,
And down by the shore a violin’s mourning,
And even the air seems to be purring
When we begin with between.

To live it again is not what I’m after,
Even when the green makes me so blue,
Here we are clutching each other in laughter,
As dapples of shadows make it all new.

The moments divine, the moments mundane,
The cool ecstasy when a cloud covers the sun’s hotness,
The serene clarity of blue skies lost in a storm’s mess,
We muddle through the joy and pain.

No getting away from the between.
Love’s big bang smolders under the covers of ashes;
And all we forget the cosmos remembers in flashes
As it begins with between.

So with Martin and Cole, let’s begin with between.
Through the stars that are dancing, the earth spirals in time
To all unfurling the chorus,
“All love’s forever,”
And we recall again the heaven we’re in,
When we begin with between.