scintillas of chill
shivers of fall’s down falling
shimmers of senses

textures of rustles
of leaves and clatters of doors
in slices of winds

cleaving cool on skin
clear call of the cardinal
cheeping of sparrows


velvet night presses
thick masses of scintillas
busses of the void

at dawn the day gapes
a maw of chitters devours
sleep’s delicious blank

teeth of light tear up
shadows that bite into thoughts
that swallow silence


skin of scintillas
between rasping you slick me
the cosmos tickles

scintillas matter
between still you silly me
the cosmos giggles

scintillas tattle
hills reverberate and you
cry me a cosmos


scintillas of sun
through trees flash pieces of sky
ashes to the ground

scintillas of air
toss and flick leaves that drift down
ashes on the ground

scintillas of dust
float over handfuls of earth
ashes in the ground