January 11, 2018

Roy Herndon Smith

Consider clutter,
an accumulation of

(that’s debatable,
depends on who you talk to,
but nevertheless)

junk (well, that’s also
aguable and depends
on who you talk to,

but stick with me here—
okay, okay, I admit
to imprecision—

metaphors are

is precisely not—
no, there’s precisely nothing
orderly about

a sticky mess of
oxymoronic clutter—
let me try again).

Consider clutter,
“an untidy mass” or “state,”
(let me just point out

how tidy these lines
are—five, seven, five, in neat
threes on the clean page—

you have to admit
I’ve proven that totally
tidy, uncluttered

order does exist,
so considering clutter’s
not necessary…)