February 22, 2018

This muted morning,
a car backs up the hill in
the downhill lane while

another car comes
down from the top of the hill
in the same lane while

a third car drives up
from the bottom of the hill
in the uphill lane.

A held breath before
the backing-up car and the
downhill car collide,

the backing-up car
back turns halfway into the
uphill lane right in

front of the uphill
car and the looming two-car
becomes a looming

three-car crash, but then
the downhill and uphill cars
slow, the backing-up

car slips between them
into a driveway, and they,
without a pause or

swerve, continue on
up and down the hill, and I,
on the other side

of the hill watching,
begin breathing again on
this muted morning.

Roy Herndon Smith