Marlene Vine, artist: statement


With this post, I introduce the work of the artist Marlene Vine. I have known Marlene for a number of years and greatly admire her paintings and works on paper. She constructs worlds of color, form, and feeling I get lost in. I will be posting her paintings with links to her website regularly.       Roy Herndon Smith

Marlene Vine’s statement:

My painting is rooted in the aesthetics of gestural abstraction and color field painting. It isn’t about pre-existing concepts. In the beginning I work intuitively, drawing masses of varied spontaneous marks or long sweeping lines that gradually form a multi-layered field of color, shapes, forms, lines, texture. All of these elements inspire me and my process is more considered as I feel my way around the surface – drawing, brushing, scumbling, layering, painting and re-painting – constructing networks of relationships with the endless forms that emerge, disappear, and reappear until my painting reaches a point when I feel it all comes together and conveys a timeless sense of space and wholeness.