Roy Herndon Smith

earth lies in beauty
folds breaks cracks rises
red brown tan brown flesh
deep green deep purple
valleys plains mountains
white topped white dusted

air breathes in beauty
white mauve white grey mist
blue turquoise cobalt
sky streaking arching
far fading to white
embracing holding

water in beauty
winding in rivers
flowing flashing black
lakes pooling blue black
ocean far and blue
womb of green grown life

light bathes in beauty
shimmers on water
transmutes air to fire
forms and shadows earth
makes all gold red blue
lays all down in black

life moves in beauty
covering in green
gold yellow red pink
orange ochre mauve
blurs mixes makes new
leaves in deep blue black

spirit is beauty
empty filling all
drawing shading all
making unmaking
losing finding all
mourning bearing all

we awake in beauty
gather in beauty
play work in beauty
speak dance in beauty
live die in beauty
all always beauty