Roy Herndon Smith

off Gosman’s Dock greens
in water in the sun teal
tending emerald
over the olive
and moss bottom under pine
in the shade myrtle

luminous myrtle
shadows in the forest green
in light glowing pine
bleeding into teal
over asparagus olive
under emerald

limpid emerald
in drifting shades of myrtle
in the depths olive
shimmering mint green
shading into fern to teal
falling into pine

a wash of dense pine
dissolves into emerald
glimmering of teal
flows into myrtle
pools in avocado green
in bottle olive

gazing at olive
you realize all you’ve pined
for is here in green
priceless emeralds
wise mysterious myrtles
sexy luscious teals

off Gosman’s dock teal
is the breath of the olive
body of myrtle
time in the piney
light of space in emerald
fire consuming green

you are teal in pine
olive under emerald
myrtle mood of green