#Me Too Mary 1

Roy Herndon Smith

I knew the angel.
He came to Zechariah,
who was terrified,

but when the angel
declared that he and his wife
would conceive a son,

Zechariah laughed
and blurted out, “We are old.
So how can it be?”

The angel replied,
“You dare doubt God?” and struck him.
Then he could not speak.

When the angel came
to me, I was terrified.
Still, when the angel

told me that I too
would have a baby, I too
could not help myself,

and I blurted out,
“But how? I am a virgin.”
He did not strike me.

Instead he told me,
“The power of the Most High
will overcome you.”

I was terrified.
I knew what happened to those
who said no to God.

I said, “Let it be.
I’m His servant. God will do
with me what He will.”