#Me Too Mary 2

Roy Herndon Smith

The angel left, and
I heard, like a wind, a voice
roaring in the night:

“Born in, as a, void,
I am, am not, a bastard,
without a father.
My mother is loss,
forgotten in silent cries,
abstracted in forms.

“I rage against forms.
I rage against, as a, void.
I rage against cries.
I am no bastard.
I have no mother, no loss.
I make Me Father.

“I am The Father.
Out of nothing I make forms.
I make mother lost.
I make Me a void,
Who bears, abandons, bastards,
leaving only cries.

“I renounce the cries
of all who mourn their fathers,
of all the bastards.
I renounce the forms
falling in, filling, the void
I renounce all loss.

“I am Mother Loss
of Nothing, Maker of Cries,
Maker of The Void.
I renounce fathers.
I am The Father of Forms.
I am no bastard.

“I am no bastard.
I am without nothing lost.
I am nothing formed.
I am nothing crying.
I am The Only Father.
I am nothing void.

“I am only cries.
Without others, I am lost,
without form and void.”