#Me Too Mary 7

Roy Herndon Smith

I have become void,
holding you, you Old Bastard,
Forsaking Father.
Love begins with loss,
with scouring silent cries,
emptiness of forms.

You emptied my form
of all except tearing void,
piercing, stilling cries.
Forsaking bastards,
fleeing from, You became, Loss,
abysmal Father.

Murdering Father,
You sacrificed what You formed.
Possessing, You lost
all except the void,
mother-father of bastards,
of hollowing cries.

Fleeing from the cries
of being just a father,
You made The Bastard
You became, the form
of annihilating void,
devouring loss.

When You made me loss,
when You made me cleaving cries,
when You made me void,
mother of fathers,
mother of amorphous forms,
mother of bastards,

I bore all bastards,
I bore eternal losing,
I bore empty forms,