Postlude to Mourning Serendip

Roy Herndon Smith

At dawn, heaven breathes
over the earth, we are home
in soft grey light, lost
in waves of stillness
catching, throwing, returning
us to seas of love

The waters of love
ripple-run under the breath
of gold returning
to light our way home
to illumine the stillness
to find what was lost

Limpid sapphire loss
fathomless indigo love
the azure stillness
we forever breathe
we forever leave our homes
forever return

To earth we return
to the fertile loam of loss
the brown ground of home
where the green of love
grows all around and we breathe
shimmering stillness

The empty stillness
fills with fiery return
red of shared breaths
bloody throbbing lost
found of all-consuming love
burning up our homes

At dusk, we are home
in slowly falling stillness
in deepening love
in the stars’ return
in heaven found, dark and lost
in night’s in-drawn breath

Home is returning
through the wide stillness of loss
to love’s tidal breaths