what I’m after

roy herndon smith

That’s amore—Dean Martin

what I’m after is
what everyone is after
is not after not
before not a what
but is oh oh this away
the moon hits the when

it’s a more of when
it’s a more of how it is
oh oh that away
awaking after
before the sun hits the what
not naughty not not

lostness in the not
between the way we were when
and what will be what
the traveling is
tripping up in an after-
themathical way

away steal away
home is what is what is not
life before after
the remembered when
we don’t stay long in what is
the thundering what-

not trumpeting what-
not away beyond away
inside the shining is
the pizza pie not
hitting that-a-where-a-when
the moment after

the sun hits after
the moon hits after the what-
ever happened when
we were far away
beyond the wide wide blue not
what I’m after is

after loss a way
out of into what is not
when it is what is