roy herndon smith

trying to make sense
of a sensational miss
the sparks of the sun
on the screen between
me sensing and these black words
on the white background

the luminous ground
which the enthralling senses
of sensible words
enticed me to miss
I startle awake between
the screen and the sun

where I am the sun
is a far blast in the ground
of black space between
the senses of “sense”
and the sensuous misses
in senses of words

the matter of words
is the blazing of the sun
I by meaning miss
not sensing the ground
of fire lighting my senses
the groundless between

the eerie between
the sensuous void of words
that startles senses
awakens the sun
makes the sparkling light the ground
I forsaking miss

I in full flight miss
senseless sense sighing between
the grating of ground-
less stalled willed walled words
and the unwilled wordless sun
burning all with sense

each miss is a word
curtseying between the sun
and the ground of sense