tall grass prairie

roy herndon smith

again I have lost
these lines have gone prairie wide
flared into the wild
thoughts grown into grass
and the west wind sweeps the dry
waves over my head

I am a bonehead
recursively droning lost
love’s found again dry
air over a wide
world of red gold rustling grass
like hair flying wild

singing in the wild
wind whirling whistling me head-
long under the grass
above it all lost
wailed wits dissipated wide
wet words drifting dry

light and air are dry
dust floating falling in wild
sheets shimmering wide
dissolving my head
birds’ rasping cries silent lost
in whispering grass

hush of stilling grass
in the unseen ground bones dry
hard and white and lost
skeleton of wild
earth lifting my empty head
filling it with wide

silences with wide
words crumbling into tall grass
roaring through my head
sighs swell into dry
sobs of the sorrowing wild
what’s found is first lost

this wide sea is dry
high grass weeping washing wild
my old head is lost