roy herndon smith

before this world lies
down in metronomic time
before loss shadows
absence into space
before I fall out of you
nothing sole awakes

beams of light awake
in tonalities lying
in cool touches of you
bearing birthing time
fashioning fondling space
casting clear shadows

tossing quick shadows
swelling cresting falling wakes
of billowing space
curvaceous forms lie
secreting languorous time
into folds of you

breaking over you
cascading into shadows
waves of pungent time
tremulous airs wake
delicacy of moods lying
wafting into space

discordant spacing
of uncanny tones of you
break familiar lies
about false shadows
or to dream is not to wake
or unchanging time

arrhythmic timing
of big banged whispering space
clattering awake
in the sense of you
breathing light breathing shadows
breathing all that lies

in this time just you
space me into the shadows
wake the truth in lies