roy herndon smith

she conspires to be
in what she is limpid shade
beyond the hot sun
but holding it close
she is the ocean she scents
holding sky and light

she is liquid light
fathomless what is to be
the luminous scent
of the salty shade
cooling fire collapsing close
the wave of the sun

she is the far sun
spring of ubiquitous light
emanating close-
ness of crashing be-
ing the crescendo of shade
permeating scent

she is the deep scent
the throb of the inside sun
forming the blue shade
of the empty light
the absence we are to be
presence coming close

she is the dense close
air of the lost and found scent
the buzzing of the bees
in the summer sun
the thickness of honey light
hazy lazy shade

she is the long shade
stretching curving lying close
beside the warm light
body become scent
of the flowing fleshy sun
she conspires to be

she shades into scent
the closeness of the new sun’s
light coming to be