Roy Herndon Smith

the light a giddy
thing courses through the cosmos
crashes to pieces
in the jagged holes
the leaves bursting into green
cut out of the sky

coursing through the sky
the sun drives shadows giddy
on the golding green
expanding cosmos
of clamoring leaves sharp holes
light falls to pieces

all falls to pieces
each time the light fills the sky
calling through blue holes
mauve shadows giddy
up the galloping cosmos
clattering through green

leaves exploding green
cascading space time pieces
the shattered cosmos
together the sky
syncopating a giddy
ditty of the holes

the purple rain holes
sheets of light with dripping green
leaves going giddy
tattering pieces
of clouds tear across the sky
litter the cosmos

luminous cosmos
flooding cool and soft though holes
emptying the sky
into just born green-
edged branches lacing pieces
of blue gone giddy

the cosmos is green
holes holding trembling pieces
of sky all giddy