spring bang

Roy Herndon Smith

the hissing Big Bang
all there is as filtered light
edging angled branch
as cool clear moist air
as green grey patched cream plane tree
pellucid shadows

a world in shadows
a grain of sand going bang
falling on this tree
this tangible light
lining in this glowing air
this white forking branch

tracing the rough branch
touch follows sight to shadows
skin cool in cool air
the little big bang
starts it all again with light
warm on hand on tree

the solid round tree
holding with branch crossing branch
fathomless blue light
translucent shadows
fuzzing front of The Big Bang
the transparent air

soft enfolding air
small light green leaves blur grey tree
a delicate bang
flows along a branch
feathered margins of shadows
still blue muted light

breathing limpid light
swimming in a sea of air
floating in shadows
anchored by a tree
embraced by a crooked branch
being The Big Bang

light defines the tree
air is cosmos to the branch
the shadows hiss bang