Masses: Sounding 3

My paintings and drawings are multi-layered fields of masses of lines, marks, shapes, forms, colors, and textures that, in the beginning I create spontaneously, and then, in process, shifts between the accidental and a determined place of intention and subtle refinement where everything is in question. Each form, each line, seems to have a life of its own as I work and re-work my painting until it reaches a point when I feel it conveys a deep sense of emotion, timelessness, spatial depth, and wholeness.              —Marlene Vine (


Marlene Vine, Sounding 3

kookaburra sits
in the sussurating tree
in the mauve sunset

masses of fish move
in the blue depths, the bird strikes,
a fish flaps and gasps

a silent red cry
floods over the teeming earth
pink sighs rise into

remnants of daylight
hiding in the old gum tree
kookaburra laughs

Roy Herndon Smith