COVID-19 Diary: 5/14/2020

Topsy and Turvy
bumming out in a lockdown
caterwauling, “Lost

lost without you-oo”
Discombobulation, “Hell
just call me Dis,” butts

in, ”k-i-s-s
i-n-g, and then comes me”
Topsy bounces up

and down, “Gotta plan!”
Turvy sings , “Na, na, na, na
hey, hey, go-odbye”

Dis croons, “Tell my why”
Topsy spoons, “Fly me to the moon”
Turvy loons, “Ashes

ashes, all fall down”
Topsy, “If you’re happy and… ”
Turvy, “It’s raining

it’s pouring,” Dis snores
“We lost our heads and won’t get
up in the morning”

Roy Herndon Smith