Community is the way we and all exist as co-creating meshes.

Community is as essential a category of reality as body, mind, or matter. We and everything are communities of communities. While we, with everything, continually co-create the communities we, and everything, are, and communities continually come into and go out of existence, we do not create communities out of nothing or something other than communities; we and other communities create communities out of and in communities. To be is to be community.

Material reality is communities of bodies co-creating the meshes of interactions in which everything comes to be.

Living reality is bodies as open communities taking in and expelling each other and non-living energic communities; living communities reproduce themselves in ever more complex patterns of matrices of bodies in internal and external interactions with each other and everything else.

Sentient reality, or mind, is bodies resonating in patterns with and thus forming and being formed by each other and all else as patterns of interacting communities.

roy herndon smith