August 7, 2017

the material reality of trust

opens the window to the cool air
fondling the desiring body that warms it
albeit slightly

still the light touch of air and skin

attunes this moment
the instrumental sentient self
and the uncannily eternal uniquely universal contingent other

with the sparrows’ cheeps

the cars’ discontinuous rushes
the rises and lulls of weeping
the drips off leaves of remembered rain

the calls of the mourning dove

recalling the silences of the nights’ caresses
the moans of lust lost in the abysses of emptinesses
the falls and crescendoes of all doing undoing all

the endless humming of the pointlessly running air conditioner

the continuous filling stilling unfilling of breathing and thinking
the continual sinking of wakeful actuality in dreams and insensibility
the blinking in and out of space and time

the talk of the men walking to work

the rasp of the window scoring the frame
gaping to
the hiss of the asp

and the mother’s first morning kiss