Roy Herndon Smith

the man in the grey-brown shirt
walks around the parked

black car from the street
to the sidewalk side, stretches
his left arm out in

a long curve, and with
his left hand, wipes the right side
of the roof, then folds

the arm back into
his chest. With his right hand, he
lifts the right wiper

and, with his left hand,
wipes the right windshield, walks
back around the car,

stops, casually
wipes the driver’s side windshield,
opens the door, folds

his body down, and
disappears into the car,
illegally parked

by a fire hydrant,
and angled so that its right
back bumper juts out

into the driving
lane. The car stays for a few
minutes, then drives off.

Another black car
stops, then parks in the same place
at the same angle.